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You won’t find any bookshelves, couches or throw rugs in Beyond CAD. This is a visualization engine built for infrastructure projects with an asset library to match that includes traffic control devices, road and bridge sections, hundreds of trees and rocks, landscaping features, construction equipment and much more.

This is an asset library that has everything BUT the kitchen sink.

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Learn more about the asset categories in Beyond CAD

With over 80 animated people assets and over 100 posed people there are few limits to the human realism you can add to your project. Men, women, young, old, and a variety of demographics will have you covered adding that human touch to your project.

While the advanced traffic system in Beyond CAD can express incredible variety those same assets are available for placement as stationary vehicles anywhere within your project scene. The variety includes cars, SUVs, pickups, big rigs, service vehicles, busses, rail, motorcycle, bicycles and more. Many of the assets have adjustable colors which are randomly changed during placement or manually adjusted at any time.

The largest category of assets by count, the Vegetation section of the Beyond CAD asset library boasts hundreds of trees, cacti, shrubs, flower and groundcover. Whether you are adding existing context to a scene in a Colorado forest a desert in Arizona or a tropical island you will find the right vegetation to make it look just right.

Landscape and aesthetics are a key part of many infrastructure projects and one of the most important visual aspects of any projects. We have carefully curated the Landscape Architecture category with a variety of rocks, unique sculptures, appliques, masonry, outdoor furniture and more to give your project the proper finishing touches.

Buildings can give the right context to many projects and the Beyond CAD asset library includes commercial, industrial, residential and high rise for rapid populating of scenes in Beyond CAD.

Transportations are unique projects with unique asset needs and, as such, you will find many of the most important assets for your project in the Beyond CAD asset library. Whether you are looking for pavement markings, signage, traffic signals or highway and street lights, Beyond CAD will make your project not only photorealistic but accurate to the needs of the project as well.

Much of the communication of projects through visualization includes construction phasing and Beyond CAD has construction assets in spades. Over 50 realistic construction vehicles highlight this category along with dozens of traffic control devices, signs and other assets that help clearly show the construction requirements for your project. 

The Intersection category of Beyond CAD includes essential assets such as utilities, fences and underground elements but hosts larger assets such as entire intersections, interchanges, bridges, road sections and more. 

Coming soon, the Other category will include emissive lights for night scenes, water planes, particle effects like fire and smoke and much more.


Assets in the Beyond CAD library are extremely realistic and the same used for the top selling video games.

Carefully curated

Beyond CAD assets are carefully curated and created with infrastructure projects in mind.


Just because there are hundreds of assets doesn't mean you can't find the right one with the search bar.

Always Growing

We are constantly adding new assets to the library to meet the needs of Beyond CAD users.