Urban Design and Planning

The best street design software Available

With Beyond Typicals you can drag and drop pre-made sections for rapid urban design and planning. Special tools and features make urban projects easier than ever, including:

  • Realistic or generic buildings, commercial and residential
  • Edge section locking, so buildings stay in place
  • Urban-centric sections including bicycle, rail, sidewalks and more
  • Realistic and diverse pedestrian models with ethnicity adjustments 
  • Carefully selected assets like benches, lights, scooter riders and more
  • Grass, trees and plants to show green space areas
  • Labeling and visual graphics to highlight elements of your project
  • Work in 2D or 3D and switch back and forth with the click of a button
  • Use scene effects for blueprint or outline looks for varying aesthetics
  • Work in metric or imperial units for projects all over the world
3D scooter rider in Beyond Typicals
beyond typicals light rail urban street design

Urban Design is more important than ever

As more cities are moving to reduce vehicle congestion, reduce emissions and improve mobility, urban planning and design has never been more important. Better tools like Beyond Typicals are making these urban designers, engineers and planners better at their jobs and more efficient.

While tools like Streetmix and Streetplan have made this more accessible in recent years, Beyond Typicals now takes real-time design and planning to the next level with fully realistic, animated 3D, over 100 sections, hundreds of assets and decals, phasing and much more. 

Beyond Typicals is more than just a Streemix alternative.

Design one road or an entire city

With Beyond Typicals you can design a single road or street or get to work on your entire city. Save files that save and load in only a few seconds, and powerful phasing tools make multi-street projects a breeze. Choose from generic buildings hundreds of feet tall and increase the length of your road from 10′ to 500′. Oh, and Beyond Typicals plays just as nice with metric units as it does imperial. 

For the professionals focusing on the roads, streets, buildings and spaces in-between, Beyond Typicals will change the way you work.

Urban Planning with Beyond Typicals
street section design with beyond typicals

Clearly Communicate in Minutes

What used to take days or weeks now takes hours or even minutes. Quickly assemble and edit your project as it currently exists, and then use the phasing tools to make adjustments to phased or proposed alternatives. This can all be done in the comfort of your own office or in meetings with stakeholders and clients.

Users have reported processes that previously took months of coordination with clients and stakeholders can now be done in weeks or days.

Say goodbye to miscommunication with Beyond Typicals.

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