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The ultimate Reality, in minutes

Beyond Typicals now has the built-in ability to blend real-world site photos with 3D models in a fraction of the time needed with other methods. The end result can be one of the most photo-realistic representations of  a proposed project possible – as an image OR video.

While other photo compositing workflows involve multiple software applications, Beyond Typicals allows full compositing in a single software package.

This cutting-edge functionality allows you to seamlessly blend and manipulate 3D Beyond Typicals models within your existing images, unlocking endless possibilities for your projects.

With this new photo compositing feature, you can now:

  1. Import project images and easily superimpose Beyond Typicals models onto them for a truly immersive visual experience.
  2. Effortlessly adjust the scale, position, and orientation of your 3D models within the image for the perfect composition.
  3. Tweak lighting and shadows to create realistic, harmonious interactions between your 3D models and the existing image elements.
  4. Render as image or video in any resolution.
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Utility Work
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Composite with Foreground Elements

Because the photo compositing feature allows for multiple image uploads (up to 5), foreground elements can be cropped into a separate image, uploaded to Beyond Typicals, and brought to the front. This makes it possible to use images that may have foreground elements blocking the project view and also for added realism creating depth from a static view. 

Watch this video for a quick tutorial showing an overview of how to composite with foreground elements.

Animated Aerials

By utilizing Beyond Typicals’ comprehensive photo-compositing feature, digitally crafted streets can then be seamlessly superimposed onto existing aerial photographs. The resulting hybrid composition effectively merges the real and the computer-generated, providing a unique, visually stunning perspective of urban environments from an aerial view. Once this stage is completed, the user can render a video with animated traffic turned on to transform the static composite into a dynamic visual journey. This can create an immersive, animated aerial composite that brings to life the street-level detail in the context of the wider cityscape.

beyond typicals with draft watermark

Watermarking and More

Expanding on these capabilities is the possibility of built-in watermarking functionality. This added versatility enables you to protect your work, showcase your brand, and convey important information within your images, all while enjoying the seamless editing experience our software provides.

With the watermarking feature, you can:

  1. Effortlessly add your company logo or project branding as a watermark to your images, ensuring your work is always identifiable and properly credited.
  2. Customize the size, position, and opacity of your watermark to maintain the visual integrity of your composition while still asserting your ownership.
  3. Apply a “Preliminary” watermark across your image to indicate that the content is not final, safeguarding your drafts and work-in-progress designs.
  4. Choose from built-in watermark templates or import your own custom design, giving you complete control over the look and feel of your watermark. The built-in watermarks include DRAFT, PRELIMINARY, both in straight and rotated variations.
  5. Add up to 5 images that could include organization logos, project logos, draft watermarks, existing site photos and more.

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