Beyond typicals bridge deck concrete girder structures

Bridge Creation

High level bridge design and visualization

Drag and drop road sections, sidewalks, barrier and more to quickly assemble your bridge deck in Beyond Typicals. Add more detail and context by adding 3D assets such as fence, construction cones and animated pedestrians and vehicles, which are on by default. Substructure elements can also be added, scaled and adjusted including concrete or steel girders, tub girders, piers and more. 

While the purpose of Beyond Typicals isn’t to design every piece of rebar and weld, you may be amazed by how far you can take your high level bridge design and visualization.

PED Bridge - Beyondware
bridge construction phasing with beyond typicals

Better Structural Coordination

With Beyond Typicals, users can better coordinate between structural and transportation disciplines. Quickly draft concepts and alternatives in real-time to make sure the entire team is on the same page. Phase complicated maintenance of traffic plans (MOT) more efficiently than ever.

Image and video renders can be quickly produced for print-outs, Powerpoints, public meetings, social media and more. All of this can be done in 2D or 3D from the same model. 

Substructure Design Elements

In addition to placing vehicle lanes, bike paths, sidewalks, curbs, barriers and other section elements, users can build out substructure elements. The current list of available substructure pieces include:

  • Concrete box/tub girder 1
  • Concrete box/tub girder 2
  • Concrete I-Beam
  • Steel I-Beam
  • Pier cap 1
  • Pier cap 2
  • 5 pier/column varieties
  • and much more

Each section can have 3 substructure elements assigned to it, and each element can be adjusted and scaled independently.

Beyond typicals concrete deck section 3d

Blend Structural with Roadway

With Beyond Typicals it isn’t EITHER bridge OR roads. Using the phasing system, you can show sections along your alignment, alternating between roadway and structural sections. 

While the default length is 100′ feet, this can be adjusted from 10′ to 1,000′ to show various bridge sizes and lengths.

Blend Bridges with Photos

With the photo compositing feature, blending existing site photos with bridges created in Beyond Typicals is a breeze. Because images can be imported in directly, camera matching and rendering can all be done, right within Beyond Typicals.

Learn more about photo compositing and see dozens of examples here.

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