The Most Efficient 3D Visualization Software Available for Transportation

Beyond CAD Inc makes better 3D visualization tools for transportation and civil projects

Beyond Typicals Pro 30 days - no credit card required

The Most Efficient 3D Visualization Software Available For civil and Transportation Projects

Design streets and bridges in minutes

Make Design Decisions in Minutes with Beyond Typicals

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Beyond Typicals

  • Beyond Lite
    Drag and drop typical section creator (PC application)

  • Beyond Lite
    Adjust the width and height of any section

  • Beyond Lite
    More than 100 section types

  • Beyond Lite
    More than 400 3D objects and surface decals

  • Beyond Lite
    Swap surface textures of sections with 40+ materials

  • Beyond Lite
    Auto-animated traffic that can be stopped or disabled

  • Beyond Lite
    Customizable pedestrian and traffic libraries

  • Beyond Lite
    Pre-made and custom retaining walls

  • Beyond Lite
    Underground utilities of any size

  • Beyond Lite
    Auto-generated and customizable labels

  • Beyond Lite
    Animated and colorized pathway arrows and highlights

  • Beyond Lite
    Render images and videos in 2D and 3D​

  • Beyond Lite
    Render PNG images with alpha transparency

  • Beyond Lite
    Centerline and edge section locking and width guides

  • Beyond Lite
    Dynamic camera controls in 3D and 2D views

  • Beyond Lite
    Length adjustment from 10' to 1,000' (100' default)

  • Beyond Lite
    Imperial or Metric units

  • Beyond Lite
    Environment controls (sun, clouds, gradient)

  • Beyond Lite
    Keyboard shortcuts

  • Beyond Lite
    Rapid file saving and loading

  • Beyond Lite
    Online and one on one support and training

  • Phasing and alternative system

  • Multi-section layout mode (horizontal and vertical)

  • Bridge sections and elements for rapid creation

  • Photo Compositing (V2.4)

  • Scene effects for aesthetic styling

  • Import 3D files for custom assets

Beyond Typicals Enterprise

  • Everything included with Beyond Typicals

  • Scalable license packages for teams

  • Virtual 'floating' license

  • License manager for license assignments

  • Usage data and analytics

  • Premium support

  • *Custom Terms of Service (TOS)

  • *Optional Add On

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Beyond Typicals Cloud

Cloud is a new subscription add-on that provides more flexibility for users to access Beyond Typicals in a browser without any download, installation or powerful PC. Cloud is available for all Beyond Typicals users whether they are Lite, Pro, Monthly, Yearly or Enterprise.

Beyondware is now Beyond CAD Inc

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Beyondware is on a journey to make 3D visualization more accessible for civil engineers.