attractive and efficient 3d visualization

for transportation and other civil projects

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finally, a 3D visualization engine built for civil and infrastructure projects.

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fast, photorealistic 3D renders and visual experiences are now at your fingertips

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Game changing Features

Civil Focused 3D Asset library

The Beyond CAD asset library contains assets important to civil projects including construction equipment, traffic control devices, pavement markings and much more.

Advanced Traffic System

Add, edit and combine lanes including merging/diverging and intersection controllers. Includes vehicles, rail, cyclists, runners and pedestrians.

Visual Graphics

More easily tell the story of your project with animated pathway arrows, asset highlighting and dozens of scene effects like blueprint and neon.

4D Construction Phasing & Alternatives

Telling the story of a project sometimes involves showing how it will be constructed. The GANTT chart 4D phasing system can quickly and easily show project phasing.

Polyline and Other Placement Tools

Projects on the scale of infrastructure demand better tools for placing assets and Beyond CAD delivers with Single, Line, Brush and Polyline placement tools.

Visual Experiences

Communicate your project like never before with interactive presentations, FPV*, driving simulators*, virtual reality* and more. (*not available at launch)

Bounding Box

Not able to model surrounding buildings or mountains? With Bounding Boxes that isn't an issue because it crops the edges and puts the focus on the project.

Media Sequencer

Beyond CAD removes the need for post processing in complex video editing software with a sequencer that can add text and combine clips into a single video file.

Creation Tools

An all-new custom sign creator tool kicks off an entire suite of upcoming creator tools within Beyond CAD. Build a freeway sign in minutes and more.

Typical Section Creator (Coming Soon)

Building a typical section has never been so easy and enjoyable. Drag and drop various sections in 3D with animated traffic and pedestrians.

Core Functionality

Powerful 3D Engine

Built on the proven technology of Unreal Engine, Beyond CAD has the power to create photorealistic scenes in real-time for rendered or interactive presentations.

3D File Import

Import a variety of 3D formats including FBX, OBJ, DAE, GLTF and more. In coming months formats such as DWG, SKP and RVT will also be supported.

Surface Texturing

Apply and adjust dozens of realistic textures to imported mesh surfaces including asphalt, concrete, soil, wood, steel, glass and custom materials.


Organize library and imported assets into groups, layers and alternatives. Rename, move and phase groups or individual assets.

Weather & ENvironment

Adjust the time of day, cloud cover, season, weather and more with a realistic and real-time weather system.

Getting Started with Beyond CAD is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Watch the 3 Part Video Series Below (About 1 hour total)​

Step 1 - Downloading and Installing

Step 2 - Navigation and Scene Building

Step 3 - Importing and Texturing CAD Files

fast, photorealistic 3D renders and visual experiences are now at your fingertips