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Construction Phasing

Construction coordination made easy

Beyond Typicals is a powerful tool for coordinating and planning construction phasing and staging for transportation projects including maintenance of traffic (MOT), utility relocation, retaining wall construction and more. 

Specialized trench and other sections can be used for utility construction and dozens of assets are available including construction equipment, traffic control devices, signs, rubble and workers.

Multiple example projects are available with Beyond Typicals that show various types of construction staging and communication. These can be used for inspiration or to be built up to more quickly show your own construction.

In a world filled with complicated and industry-specific software, Beyond Typicals is a breath of fresh air with real-time animated 3D, beautiful aesthetics and so easy that anyone- with any background- can learn to use it in no time.

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Leverage color for communication

While other methods of 3D visualization for construction typically require expensive rendering and post-processing in Photoshop or After Effects, Beyond Typicals has a number of methods built-in for quickly adding color and graphics to communicate construction. Add auto or custom labels of any color to any area of the model. Show area highlights or pathway arrows with a few clicks of the button to show construction staging or detours.

Beyond Typicals is so customizable that you can adjust every texture, including making individual parts of sections glow any color.

Phasing System and Layouts for 4D

With Beyond Typicals, users can utilize the phasing system to show as much- or as little – detail as necessary to communicate closures and staging for complex construction projects. The phasing system has been carefully developed for real-time or rendered presentations, including the ability to copy from one phase to the next. This means that each new phase only means minor adjustments, rather than building from scratch.

A first-of-its-kind Layout Mode allows users to ‘stack’ phases on top of each other to communicate entire phasing plans at a glance in a way that was previously only possible with post-processing using something Photoshop. 

Note that Phasing and Layout are only available for Pro users.

While real-time is always an effective method of presenting Beyond Typicals, image and video renders can also be made using single view or Layout mode. These renders can be used for websites, Powerpoints, social media, posterboard prints, public meetings, news media, YouTube and more.

Generating accurate, effective and beautiful graphics for construction communication has never been so easy and affordable.

Beyond typicals construction phasing 3d mot coordination
construction mot phasing with beyond typicals 3d

Even More Possibilities

While using Beyond Typicals for MOD, closures, utility relocations and other common use is incredibly accessible, there are nearly endless ways that this software can be used to communicate construction. Show the stages of retaining wall or bridge construction, step by step. Use the transparent and new asphalt textures to ‘remove’ layers of road sections to show levels of detail that include removal of existing pavement and re-pavement of new lifts of asphalt.

Pro users can also import their own 3D files for even more customization and region specific construction communication. These 3D files could be anything from specific traffic control devices and equipment to actual bridge or wall files.

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