Civil Engine Coming Soon

The world needs a better 3D visualization engine for transportation projects.

Beyond Typicals is becoming industry standard for creating visuals for transportation projects, and is now a stable, version 3 product. Users love the ability to quickly build out street and bridge sections using drag and drop functionality, 100 (or more) feet at a time. While we will continue to improve this product and support our growing user base, there is still a gap in the market for better 3D visualization for imported design files (like Infraworks), intersections and complex transportation projects. 

In 2021, we introduced Beyond CAD, a photorealistic 3D visualization engine built on Unreal Engine for transportation projects that was set to solve this problem. While Beyond CAD found some early success, it wasn’t as cohesive a product as it should have been. Knowing this and wanting to focus all of our efforts on the success of Beyond Typicals, we paused development of Beyond CAD for a time.

We are now ready to revisit solving this problem and are excited to announce Civil Engine.

Civil Engine represents a significant evolution from what Beyond CAD was, offering a superior solution to the challenges faced by civil engineering professionals. Leveraging the foundation laid by Beyond Typicals (and not Beyond CAD), Civil Engine embodies a comprehensive 3D visualization engine, powered by Unreal Engine 5.

Imagine the ease and power of Beyond Typicals, but with the ability to visualize your 3D engineering designs, like Beyond CAD sought to do.

Civil Engine is not a refinement of Beyond CAD, but a complete reimagining of our approach. By forking the codebase from the proven framework of Beyond Typicals, Civil Engine inherits a solid and cohesive structure while introducing groundbreaking advancements. With a renewed focus on imported 3D designs, primarily sourced from Infraworks and other civil engineering software, Civil Engine will empower users to visualize complex projects with unparalleled precision and efficiency, while also feeling familiar in UI, textures and assets to Beyond Typicals users.

Our development team is diligently working towards a late 2024 launch for Civil Engine. We invite you to stay informed about our progress by signing up for updates below.

Thank you for your continued support as we strive to redefine the standards of 3D visualization in the civil engineering industry with Civil Engine.


Sam Lytle, PE

Founder, Beyond CAD Incorporated

Civil Engine box render

Civil Engine: The Future of 3D Visualization for transportation and other civil projects

Civil Engine will be a groundbreaking 3D visualization engine designed specifically for the transportation and civil engineering industries. This powerful tool will empower engineers and planners to create stunningly realistic 3D models of their projects, transforming how they communicate complex ideas and designs.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Traffic: Users will be able to quickly place traffic paths (vehicles, rail and people) and combine them into complex traffic systems by using intersection controllers, merge/diverge, and many other features.
  • Built for Civil Projects: Developed with the unique needs of civil infrastructure in mind, including roads, bridges, and landscapes. It will be especially adept at importing and visualizing Infraworks models quickly and beautifully.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness: Streamlined workflows designed to support the rapid creation of high-quality visualizations.
  • Photorealism: Focus on generating incredibly realistic visuals to aid stakeholder understanding and project support.
  • Communication Powerhouse: Tools for compelling presentations, reports, and real-time visual experiences.


  • Improved Communication: Help bridge the gap between technical plans and accessible visualizations for all stakeholders.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Facilitate better-informed decisions with clear visual representations of project impact.
  • Public Engagement: Generate excitement and support for projects through impactful visualizations.

Civil Engine is under development and promises to fundamentally change the way civil engineering projects are communicated, promoting collaboration and successful outcomes.