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Over 400 3D Assets... and Beyond

Beyond Typicals comes standard with over 400 high quality 3D assets that include pavement markings, safety devices, barriers, vegetation, light poles, vehicles, pedestrians, construction equipment, decals and much more. We are constantly working on building out the built-in 3D asset library within Beyond Typicals.

Assets can be repeated along sections as Primary or Secondary assets, or placed and modified individually. Custom placed assets are assigned to a specific section and can be moved, rotated and scaled. Some assets include animation, including flashing signals like RRFBs and Hawk signals.

While using these included 3D assets can cover most scenarios for your project, import functionality is available to cover all other cases.

Beyond Assets Modeling Services

We know how important it can be to get just the right sign, pavement marking, light pole, barrier, bridge or other project-specific object to communicate your vision within Beyond Typicals. For this reason, we are now offering 3D modeling services. 

We can model from PDF plan sets or standard plans, images or even hand-drawn sketches (if they are good enough!) Once modeled, we will send you a render to ensure quality and, once approved, send you the Beyond Typicals ready file(s) as an OBJ or FBX file that you can import into your scene. We guarantee your files will work within Beyond Typicals.

Fill out this form with as much information as possible, including a description, and upload any associated image or pdf design files, so we can accurately develop a quote with a payment link that will be sent within 24 hours.

The asset complexity will give us an idea of the time and effort required to model and texture the asset. Urgency will also allow us to accurately understand your time sensitivity and the costs associated with modeling in this timeframe on our end.

We also will offer a 50% discount to those willing to let us keep the rights to the assets to build our the Beyondware Asset Libary.

Please note that Beyond Typicals currently does not support animations for imported 3D files, so we won’t be able to provide people, vehicles or vegetation or any other animated 3D asset.

The Beyond Assets Library (Coming Soon)

Later in 2023 we will be launching our own asset library to augment and expand what is already available within Beyond Typicals. The library will be carefully curated assets from the Beyondware team. These will be assets identified and modeled for more variety within Beyond Typicals as well as user requested and ordered objects from our asset modeling services.

These files will be downloadable from Sketchfab for import into your Beyond Typicals scene. We will accept requests for assets to be added to the library, but can only guarantee those that pay for assets to be modeled from the modeling service.

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