Beyond Typicals 2 Announcement

Beyond Typicals 2 is Now Available 🚀

After months of focused development, Beyond Typicals 2 is now available at no additional cost for existing paying subscribers and trial users. This upgrade is better in every way than version 1 with both visual upgrades and new and improved features. 

Please note that BT1 save files will not work with BT2.

Major Improvements

  • Upgraded to Unreal Engine 5
  • Photorealistic texturing and lighting
  • More pedestrian variety
  • New asset organization system
  • 40+ decals including manhole covers, cracks, pavement markings and more
  • Dozens of new assets including trees, buildings, 3D grass and more
  • Full texture control with 40+ materials (sub-meshes)(Pro Only)
  • 3D file importing (.fbx and .obj) (Pro Only)

Other Improvements

  • New example projects/presets
  • Length minimum of 10′
  • Length maximum of 500′
  • Multi-section height adjustment feature
  • New section height maximum of 10m (~32′)
  • New section height minimum of -1m (~3.2′)
  • New transparent section
  • New transparent, water and glow materials
  • Better section organization
  • More underground utility sizes
  • Free pipe placement
  • Free and custom retaining wall placement
  • Free water plane placement
  • Asset scale adjustment
  • 3D grass options (8 varieties)
  • Improved labeling (including global auto-label adjustments)
  • Hundreds of improvements (click here to learn more)

How to download Beyond Typicals 2

As always, Beyond Typicals can be accessed via our Downloads page and is available via the Epic Games Launcher/Store and zipped folder download. For those that have been using BT through the Epic Games Launcher, you will now see Version 2 available in your library. You can click install and pin to your Windows taskbar to use moving forward. This version will also automatically receive future updates and is our recommended distribution method for all of our software.

Epic Library - Where to Find Beyond Typicals in Epic Launcer