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Beyond Typicals was previously available in two versions – Lite and Pro

The Lite version offered core features for quickly building 3D typical sections, and the Pro version included additional functionality and enhanced features like Phasing and Photo Compositing. 

These option were designed to help users find the right balance between price and functionality, and offer both monthly and yearly subscription terms for added flexibility. 

However, we found a vast majority of users elected for the Pro tools, so we’ve decided to simply provide “Beyond Typicals” with its full functionality moving forward.  If you’re a Lite subscriber with questions about how this decision affects you, please reach out to our team.

How it works

When you download Beyond Typicals, you get the full version of the software with all the features and assets – the application is the same for all subscription types. Our licensing system manages button access all users, with Pro features greyed out and unclickable for those that are not using a paid or trial Subscription ID. These Pro features are listed below, and are marked in the interface with the PRO tag seen here.

Activating the software with a valid Subscription ID will simply unlock the Pro features the next time you open the application. 

Pro features


Blend and layer your Beyond Typicals 3D models with real-world photography

This feature – new to Beyond Typicals v2.4 – enables importing PNG or JPEG image files into your model.  Image layer controls let you move the imported imagery in front of or behind the 3D model,  allowing you to seamlessly blend the animated 3D models with site photos.  

Create realistic visualizations of proposed improvements where they matter most.  This versatile tool can also be used to add watermarks, project branding, and/or corporate logos.


Create and store multiple typical section models in one file

With this feature you can duplicate a finished model and make edits to create an array of alternatives, walk through construction staging, or create impactful before & after visualizations.  This feature saves time and simplifies communication of your plans.  Use Auto-phasing to automatically cycle through the models while presenting or recording a video render.


Build bridges with substructure elements like girders, piers, and more.

Drag and drop bridge lanes, barriers, and sidewalks to quickly assemble a bridge deck in Beyond Typicals, then add detail with a wide variety of substructure objects.  Utilize complete customization over scale and location to perfect your bridge design.  Combining bridge sections with phasing, advanced texturing, area highlights, and pathway arrows can bring bridge construction plans to life.  Read more about bridge creation.


Import custom 3D objects into your model.

Elevate the realism of your project with unique 3D objects.  Import custom assets (*.fbx and *.obj) like building photogrammetry, decorative light poles, gateway structures, native vegetation, and complex bridge overpasses.  Complement the extensive library of 400+ 3D assets already available in Beyond Typicals. Please not the asset import feature is currently in beta testing, and we’re working to improve its functionality.  We welcome your valuable feedback.


View multiple phases at the same time.  

Enter this view mode to add your completed phases into a single view.  Models can be layered vertically or laid out horizontally (beta) to optimize the appearance of your design.  Customize spacing and labels,  reorganize layers, and use camera and environment settings to create a unique look tailored to your project.


Add artistic filters to the scene to strengthen your project communication.

Enhance your 3D roadway visualizations with creative scene effects. Apply artistic camera filters like Blueprint, Crosshatch, and Ballpoint Pen to bring a unique aesthetic to your project presentation. These effects can help convey design concepts, emphasize specific messaging, or add an artistic touch to your visualizations, making them more engaging and impactful. 


Unlock custom texturing of subsurface layers.

While all Beyond Typicals users can change the photorealistic texture of the top surface of a section, Pro users have more control over subsurface layers.  Use this tool to show composite pavement sections (like asphalt over concrete), detail mill & overlay construction, or show trench backfill over underground pipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: If I start a Lite plan, can I upgrade to Pro?

ANSWER: Yes! You can upgrade via your account (click MANAGE ACCOUNT at top) at any time or we can help you via a support request.

QUESTION: If I upgrade, how much will I be charged?

ANSWER: You will be charged the cost difference between the Lite and Pro plans, prorated based on how much time is remaining in your subscription.

QUESTION: Can I try out the Pro features before purchasing?

ANSWER: Yes, our default 30-day free trial gives you access to the Pro features, but you can start a trial of the Lite version as well – see those options below.  If you’re new to Beyond Typicals start your trial today!

Beyond typicals arch bridge 3d structure

Compare Lite vs Pro

Beyond Typicals Lite

  • Beyond Lite
    Drag and drop street and road creator (PC application)

  • Beyond Lite
    Adjust the width and height of any section

  • Beyond Lite
    More than 90 sections available​

  • Beyond Lite
    More than 200 objects and 40 decals

  • Beyond Lite
    Swap the top texture of sections with 40+ materials

  • Beyond Lite
    Auto-animated traffic that can be stopped or disabled

  • Beyond Lite
    Customizable pedestrian and traffic libraries

  • Beyond Lite
    Pre-made and custom retaining walls

  • Beyond Lite
    Underground utilities of any size

  • Beyond Lite
    Auto-generated and customizable labels

  • Beyond Lite
    Animated and colorized pathway arrows and area highlights

  • Beyond Lite
    Render images and videos in 2D and 3D​

  • Beyond Lite
    Render PNG images with alpha transparency

  • Beyond Lite
    Centerline and edge section locking and width guides

  • Beyond Lite
    Camera controls including 2D views

  • Beyond Lite
    Length adjustment from 10' to 500' (100' default)

  • Beyond Lite
    Imperial or Metric units

  • Beyond Lite
    Environment controls (sun, gradient)

  • Beyond Lite
    Keyboard shortcuts

  • Beyond Lite
    Rapid file saving and loading

  • Beyond Lite
    Online and one on one support and training

Beyond Typicals Pro

  • Beyond Lite
    Everything included with Beyond Typicals Lite

  • Beyond Typicals Pro
    Phasing and alternative system

  • Beyond Typicals Pro
    Multi-section layout mode (horizontal and vertical)

  • Beyond Typicals Pro
    Scene effects for aesthetic styling

  • Beyond Typicals Pro
    Texture customization for all section elements

  • Beyond Typicals Pro
    Import 3D files for custom assets

  • Beyond Typicals Pro
    Photo Compositing

  • Beyond Typicals Pro
    Beyond Typicals Cloud (Browser)*​

  • *Coming soon​

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