Paving the Path: A STEM Adventure with Beyond Typicals

On July 26th, Beyond CAD’s premier 3D roadway typical section creator, Beyond Typicals, was showcased at the 2023 National Transportation Institute STEM camp.  This camp brings together the next generation of engineers and innovators eager to learn about civil engineering and transportation.

A Glimpse From Above: Drones and 3D Visualization

The National Summer Transportation Institute is a free two-week summer camp for students in grades 7-9.  Hosted by the University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies, the event focuses on science, engineering, and transportation, and provides hands-on learning experiences.

In an Aerial Technology session, Emma Myers-Verhage of KLJ – a valued Beyond Typicals customer – introduced Beyond Typicals and Photo Compositing.  The class learned how this innovative tool can blend drone-captured images with photorealistic 3D visualization to see complex roadway projects before they are constructed.  This unique learning experience emphasized how clear communication in roadway design can enhance the understanding of an improvement.

KLJ first demonstrated an example project using Beyond Typicals, then allowed the students to explore and create their own 3D visualizations. In the session, the students learned about basic roadway design, photo compositing, and critical design elements like right-of-way and making improvements work within limited space.

The students were eager to try out Beyond Typicals, and quickly grasped the software and its capabilities. One imaginative student created a farm with a barn, stream, and construction vehicles, and suggested we add a tractor to our library of assets to make farmland look more realistic. Stay tuned for updates!

Beyond Typicals: A Tool for Today and Tomorrow

Beyond Typicals is a groundbreaking platform enabling professionals and enthusiasts to visualize complex transportation plans. Its user-friendly nature is designed to enhance communication, understanding, and decision-making in project planning. The students’ swift understanding of this tool emphasizes its accessibility and game-changing impact on the industry.

Engaging with these bright young minds fosters interest in STEM professions and highlights the crucial role of communication in civil engineering and transportation planning.  Together, we’re shaping our sustainable future.

Special thanks

We want to express a heartfelt thanks to the University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies, Emma, and our friends at KLJ for this inspirational event.

Beyond CAD Inc was pleased to provide complimentary Beyond Typicals subscriptions for the event, hoping to nurture a new wave of thinkers, innovators, and engineers. If you’re interested in using Beyond Typicals as an educational tool, don’t hesitate to contact us –  we’re here to help you pave the way to a more sustainable world.