Beyond Typicals 3.0

Beyond Typicals 3.0 is HERE!

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Major Improvements

  • Upgraded to Unreal Engine 5.2
  • Asset Expansion Packs, including Metahuman for more realistic pedestrians
  • Dynamic Construction Equipment Assets
  • Dynamic Transit Vehicle Assets
  • Dynamic Street Furniture Assets
  • Dynamic Building Block Assets
  • Copy/Paste Placed Assets and Custom Labels
  • Copy/Paste Sections to other phases and projects
  • Multi-section Editing
  • New Section Hierarchy folder functionality – duplicate & mirror
  • New Sloped lanes [Beta]
  • Alternative Striping toggle – tilt and offset stripes
  • New Glass textures
  • Custom Asset Exporting/Importing
  • Improved Asset Import texturing & retexturing
  • New Asset organization system
  • New Section organization system
  • Reorganized Example Projects
  • Improved Section Labeling

And More to come!

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BT3 Development Updates

(April 16) Folder Labels

(April 3) Copy & Paste Sections with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V

(April 2) Copy & Paste Custom Labels

(March 29) Turn off asset visibility while leaving shadows on for shadow matching

(March 28) Improved photorealism in V3

(March 27) Copy & Paste to Multiple Sections

(March 26) Copy & Paste Placed Assets

(March 19) Asset Importing Improvements

(March 19) Glass on Imported Objects

(March 18) Tilted Sections Preview

(March 13) New Glass Textures

(March 13) Alternative Striping - Height and Tilt

(March 13) Alternative Striping - Offset

(February 27) More Dynamic Construction Equipment

(February 27) Section Folder Functionality - duplicating and mirroring

(February 27) Sloped Lanes (Beta)

(February 21) Example Project Updates

(February 9) Hold down CTRL to select and edit multiple sections at once

(February 2) Dynamic Construction Equipment

(February 1) Multi-Section Editing

(January 16) dynamic Train

(January 9) dynamic City Bus

(January 4) dynamic Animated Excavator

(December 21) Dynamic Building Blocks - Manhole

(December 14) v3 construction scene

(December 10) Dynamic Changeable Message Signs

(December 9) Metahuman Expansion Pack

(November 30) Poseable Pedestrians

(November 28) Dynamic Building Blocks - Curb Bump-Out

(November 23) Dynamic Street Furniture

(November 13) Dynamic Arrow Boards

(October 18) Asset Reorganization