Beyond VS Climate Change

Beyond VS Climate Change


In a captivating graphic novel featuring 2D vector illustrations awash in shades of purple and yellow, we rejoin Bey and OND as they tackle the intricate subject of climate change. This sequel to their previous adventure on fossil fuels takes readers on a comprehensive journey, exploring the multifaceted impacts of climate change and the potential solutions that could mitigate its effects. You can read the summary below or click here to read the full PDF.

Key Takeaways

Climate Change vs. Global Warming

The story begins with Bey asking OND about the difference between climate change and global warming. OND clarifies that while global warming refers specifically to rising temperatures, climate change encompasses a broader range of environmental shifts, including extreme weather events, sea-level rise, and ocean acidification.

The Far-Reaching Consequences

Bey and OND delve into the various repercussions of climate change, from the acidification of oceans and its impact on marine life to the decline or extinction of land animals. They also discuss the threat to food security and the increase in health risks due to vector-borne diseases like malaria.

Extreme Weather Events

The narrative touches on the severity and frequency of extreme weather events, such as thunderstorms, wildfires, and flooding, exacerbated by climate change. Bey even mentions the importance of heeding warnings like “Turn Around, Don’t Drown” during floods.

Hope and Solutions

Despite the grim realities, OND assures Bey that there is hope. They discuss current and future solutions, including renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, carbon capture technologies, and sustainable agriculture. Bey even takes over the list, enthusiastically adding public transportation and electrifying transportation to the mix.

The Future is Bright

The story concludes on an optimistic note, highlighting the potential of future technologies and the next generation to combat climate change. From advanced carbon capture techniques to the role of artificial intelligence, the possibilities are endless.


This graphic novel serves as an enlightening and engaging guide to understanding the complexities of climate change. It not only educates readers about the dire consequences we face but also instills a sense of hope and empowerment by showcasing the solutions within our reach. Whether you’re a climate activist, a concerned citizen, or simply curious about the state of our planet, this graphic novel offers a compelling and visually striking way to grasp one of the most urgent issues of our time.

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