Sketchup vs Beyond Typicals for 3D Street Section Creation

Sketchup has been used for 3D modeling in numerous industries for decades. It is especially appealing for those without prior 3D modeling training as it has a lower learning curve vs other 3D modeling and visualization software like 3ds Max, Maya or Cinema 4D, even if the end result is less realistic.

In transportation, Sketchup can be- and has been- used for modeling 3D typical sections of streets and roads. As this is the primary purpose of Beyond Typicals, it is worth a look at how the two compare at this task.

The following video shows a comparison of creating the same project in both applications. While the time spent on each looks similar in the video due to editing, note that Sketchup took many times as long and requires extensive training and experience to do this level of modeling. 

Also note that with Beyond Typicals the final result is as easy to edit and adjust as the creation process while editing in Sketchup. The final result is also more realistic and, of course, fully animated.

Sketchup is a wonderful and powerful tool that can be used for 3D modeling in dozens of industries but when it comes to something as niche and specific as 3D typical section creation, adjustment and rendering, Beyond Typicals easily surpasses Sketchup.