Streetmix Section Creator

How does Beyond Typicals compare to Streetmix and other typical section creators

Using 2D sections has been a design and planning tool for many years. This is true for civil engineers in general (ie bridges, dams…) but especially for urban design, transportation and city planning.

Beyond Typicals is our all-new product that allows for rapid typical section creation in minutes. And while real-time typical section is possible using Streetmix and other similar apps, Beyond Typicals is unique and more powerful in a few important ways. 

Firstly, Beyond Typicals (BT) is 3D by default. Yes, 2D is possible (and beautiful) but 3D is where BT really shines. Using one of the most powerful gaming engines available, Unreal Engine, Beyond Typicals boasts accurate texturing, assets, lighting and more to bring projects to life, one section at a time.

Beyond 3D, BT is also animated by default. Wheels turn, people walk, buses drive, trams move, cyclists ride bikes, leaves blow in the wind… and more. Beyond Typicals is a leaving and breathing chunk of your project.

Fully animated, 3D sections of your project are just the beginning of features that Beyond Typicals offers to quickly create and edit typical sections. Other features include:

  • Striping placement and editing
  • Image or animated video renderings (including transparency)
  • A robust phasing and alternative system
  • Layout mode that allows multiple sections/alternatives
  • More than 100 pre-made sections
  • Bridge section and creation
  • Browser-based Beyond Typicals cloud (coming soon)
  • Section hierarchy to organize sections and striping

In 2023, we have even more plans for Beyond Typicals..

Beyond Typicals is free to try and can be downloaded from the Epic Games Launcher. Start your free trial today!