Beyond Typicals V3.0 Now Available

Beyond Typicals V3.0 is Here: Your Design Toolkit Just Got a Major Upgrade

Beyond Typicals V3.0 is now available, packed with incredible advancements powered by the latest Unreal Engine 5.2 technology. This update takes this software to a new level, bringing faster performance, ultra-realistic elements, and powerful new features to streamline your creative process.

What’s Awesome in V3.0

  • Unreal Engine 5.2 Boost: Experience smoother performance and stunning graphics for even more immersive designs.
  • New Asset Packs: Expand your world with the Metahuman pack for realistic crowds, plus tons of new assets to make your scenes pop.
  • Get Things Moving: Add dynamic construction equipment, buses, trams, and other customizable 3D objects to bring your projects to life.
  • Urban Details Made Easy: Effortlessly place benches, streetlights, and other urban elements for an authentic touch. V3 also now includes copy, paste and duplicate on mouse.
  • Build It Your Way: Modular building blocks offer quick and flexible construction options by allowing users to scale, texture and place these objects to build out more complex scenes.
  • Smarter Copying & Pasting: Duplicate assets, labels, even entire project sections – your workflow just got faster.
  • Stay Organized: Improved asset organization and a new folder system (including labeling with folders) keep your projects streamlined.
  • Design Innovations: Experiment with sloped lanes (beta), posable humans, and new glass textures for added realism.
  • Share Your Creations: Custom asset importing/exporting means easier collaboration and asset reuse.

Plus: Easier-to-use asset importing, revamped example projects for inspiration, and better labeling features keep everything clear.

Watch the video below for a detailed walkthrough of all that is new in BT3.

Upgrade Time!

We have several options to upgrade to version 3. If you use the Epic Games Launcher or Cloud Access, you might already be updated. Otherwise, grab the latest version from our download page and check out our tutorial videos.

We’ve Got Your Back

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