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A Better Streetmix Alternative – Introducing StreetDesign.ai

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We’re thrilled to announce the official public release of StreetDesign.ai, the AI-powered evolution of the beloved open-source project, Streetmix. StreetDesign.ai offers a groundbreaking set of features to streamline urban street design, giving anyone the tools to visualize and craft more livable, functional streets using an online, free street section creator.

What is StreetDesign.ai?

StreetDesign.ai takes the core foundation of Streetmix and supercharges it with:

  • Automix: AI-driven algorithms generate smart configurations tailored to your needs.
  • Robust Phasing: Whether you’re exploring design alternatives or actual construction phases, manage those easily in one spot.
  • Flexible Layouts: Stack entire street designs to compare approaches side-by-side.
  • Seamless Import: Bring across your existing Streetmix (or StreetDesign.ai) work easily.

Let’s explore how you can start using these awesome new features today!

1. Building a Street Section

The heart of StreetDesign.ai is its intuitive street section builder:

  • Blank or Default: Get a clean slate or use preset templates to jumpstart designs.
  • Naming: Keep your work organized with custom names for your designs.
  • Adjusting Widths: Tweak roadway, sidewalks, and other features on the fly.
  • Add/Remove Sections: Effortlessly introduce new zones, remove unneeded elements
  • Other Settings: Dive into fine-tuning and customizations from here.

2. Importing from Streetmix or StreetDesign

Continuity matters! Here’s how to bring your prior work:

  • Find Your Design: Grab the shareable link for your Streetmix or StreetDesign project.
  • Import as Phase: This design transforms into a new phase that you can edit and build upon.

3. Automix

Automix is where the AI magic happens. Perfect for when you need:

  • Quick Fixes: See optimized variants of your existing design quickly.
  • Idea Hunting: Get inspiration and alternatives suggested by the tool.
  • Understanding Limits: Be aware that it’s not a foolproof replacement for your design expertise!

4. Phasing

Think of Phases as variations or chronological updates to your base street design:

  • New Phases: Designate as many variants or construction stages as needed.
  • Import/Paste: Bring phases from different projects or copy/paste within your work.
  • Delete/Rename: Manage, remove, and organize phases in a flash.
  • Reorder: Quickly drag-and-drop phases to compare iterations easily.
  • Adjustments: Change things up in individual phases independently.

5. Layouts

Want the big picture? That’s what layouts are for:

  • What They Do: Layouts let you display multiple street designs in one image.
  • Build One: Designate what goes where to create custom comparisons.
  • Add/Edit/Remove: Add more phases, tweak individual phase visuals in the layout, or remove phases as needed.
  • Reorder: Swap layout sequences around fast.
  • Exit Mode: Return to single-design editing easily.


StreetDesign.ai delivers a massive step forward in citizen-powered urban planning tools. We believe everyone deserves a voice in how their streets look and function. This release is just the beginning. Share StreetDesign.ai far and wide! This free, open-source tool thrives on community growth.

And finally, if you need professional-grade tools to generate photorealistic, customizable 3D street sections, don’t forget to check out our companion platform, Beyond Typicals.